It's time to manage your SMS messages globally.

Reach 190+ countries with SMS messaging.
Engage with 2-Way across 52 countries.

We Can Validate Mobile Numbers

We provide your business with the entire mobile number validation:

  • This means you only reach the right users over the right channels, saving you money and increasing revenue.

Our Services

We have a wide selection of services availabe to help you get to the forefront of your business objective.

Push Mesaging

Giving you a flexible communication experience with a platform that lets be in control of sending push, email, SMS, voice, and chat messages.

Chat Apps

Engage with functionalities through the world’s leading messaging apps. Start engaging conversations that lift your communications.

End to End Messaging

Increased reliability and high throughput for your messages. 10 year elationships allow us to fully-maintain your end-to-end messaging.

Contact Us

We at Oracliaf belive that our website will only cover some of our services.
Simply contact us below and we will make the next move allowing you to maximise your potential instantly.

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